Welcome to my cooking blog. My name is Michelle Jenkins. Let me start by admitting that these are NOT gourmet meals, they are NOT fine dining, but they are mine. I have cooked all of these recipes and taken my own photos. They are fairly simple recipes, most of them are quick to prepare and cook and all of them are delicious. I only post my successes! If something doesn't work out, I don't post it. I hope you enjoy this blog.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Recipe Cloud App

I've never written an app review before, but I came across this app recently in the iTunes App Store and I was impressed enough to write about it...

Recipe Cloud app available in the App Store

I like how RECIPE CLOUD connects me to other like minded people willing to share their recipes. It is easy to navigate, search and share and the way it accesses cooking blogs with ease makes this app a winner.

Features include:
  • Save recipes from your favourite websites or add your own
  • Use the meal planner to plan your next great feast
  • Connect with your Facebook friends to find out what they are cooking
  • Follow featured users and find inspiration
  • Choose which recipes are public and which are private
  • Explore the recipe books and discover new recipes
  • Import recipes from Paprika, Yummy Soup! and Mac Gourmet

The photographs look professional, the interface is attractive, the features are perfect for foodies. I've managed to add recipes from my own blog to share with others so therefore my cooking blog is getting more exposure. I am also discovering more food bloggers through Recipe Cloud.

If you want to support this app,
you can make a pledge at Kickstarter.
Help make it happen.

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