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Friday, November 2, 2012

$120 Food Challenge : Week 2

Before shopping
Like last week I did another stocktake of my fridge, freezer and pantry to see what could be used up. I had 2 x 400g chicken breast, 2 T-Bones and some frozen pies. I will use these up this week so the only meat I wanted to buy this week was 500g rump for a stir fry. Other meals will be vegetarian.

At the deli sliced leg ham was on special so I bought that. Oh and I usually buy sliced chicken breast for the kids' sandwiches but it's twice as much as chicken loaf so I chose the chicken loaf. I've always been sceptical of processed meats and never buy them, but I seriously wanted to cut down this week's food bill. This blog by an experienced deli assistant explains what's in processed meats. After reading this, my concerns have been proven and I will not buy the chicken loaf again!

Last week the kids complained they were hungry because I hadn't bought as many snacks as usual. They eat 2-3 pieces of fruit per day, plus their lunch and obviously breakfast and dinner, but they are growing children and are hungry so this week I bought snacks for them. I bought generic brand and some zip lock bags to make up small treats for their lunch boxes.

The meat
I learnt my lesson last week and decided to buy the meat at the butcher, which was selling rump cheaper per kilo than Woolies - AND it was already sliced into strips. Yay!

Considering the only meat I bought was 500g rump, my budget of $120 was definitely blown again this week. I spent $182.76 on food and $55.75 on non-food items. So far this challenge is not going too well :(

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