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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

$120 Food Challenge : Week 5

 I spent more than last week. Argh! Why can't I reduce my food bill?

Before shopping
As usual I checked what I already had, made a menu up for the week and then constructed my list. I am trying SO HARD to only buy what is essential for the meals because I don't want to throw anything out. I'm encouraging the kids to finish off yoghurt and snacks before they expire, making sure I use vegetables before they go soft, etc. We even ran out of bread this morning so the kids had to have a lunch order.

The de-boned ham I bought last week WAS A WINNER! I will buy ham this way from now on because I can use it sliced for lunches and toast, and I can dice it to add to meals...so versatile. Never again will I buy the 'fake' ham bits in the supermarket for pizza toppings or quiches - I will always buy the de-boned ham from now on. I must thank my cousin Kris and brother Sean for this suggestion xox

The de-boned ham lasted a whole week for sandwiches and meals XD

So the kids had ham on their sandwich every day (except the day they bought their lunch) with either lettuce, cheese or grated carrot. They loved the new ham and the skin didn't bother them. I bought another ham this week and it was the same price as last week $16.48 per kilo. Bread was up again - 2 loaves for $5.00. It seems to fluctuate each week.

The meat
This week I bought a split marinated Tandoori chicken at Woolies as per Kris' suggestion. It was $7.99 and cheaper than buying an already cooked one. I look forward to having that tomorrow as it looks delicious. Last week I bought a whole chook from Aldi and baked it and it tasted like bleach! I won't buy their whole plain chook again. The only other meat I bought was chicken thighs. I was going to buy them at the butcher but Woolies had them on sale for $3.82 for 600g so I couldn't say no to that. I plan to make butter chicken with them.

What I learned this week

  • The de-boned ham is definitely a winner
  • Always look for specials
  • If you can do without something for a week or two - do so and buy it when it is on special.

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