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Friday, November 11, 2011

...and the gall keeps rollin'!

Yesterday I could no longer take the gall bladder pain so went to hospital. My husband was generous enough to drive me and stay with me for ... a ... very ... long ... time!!! To cut a long story short I spent 10 hours there in the hope I could have my surgery earlier due to the constant pain. However I was told that isn't how it worked so they sent me home with some panadeine forte and suggested I stick to my original plan and see my specialist next week. So here I am, dosed up on morphine and panadeine forte feeling OK today  ;)

I will begin my gall bladder diary today and have decided I will host it here. I will continue the cooking blog on this page (the page you are on now) but the actual diary will be here. At my Gall Bladder Diary I will report meals I consume and any symptoms. I will do this for 2 reasons: firstly so I can keep track of which foods provoke an attack and which symptoms are brought on by which meals; secondly for other gall bladder sufferers out there who are interested in following my journey. I will also provide links to useful resources relating to gall bladders health.

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