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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Forget cooking for a moment...

As part of my degree, I have written an academic paper on the social networking site, Facebook. I discuss how boundaries are blurred when it comes to sharing private and public information and how some users treat Facebook like a private diary.
This paper has been uploaded to a website which showcases other papers written by my student peers. Topics covered include social networks, online gaming, communities and identities.
We are holding an online conference where people…yes even you…can go to the conference website and read the papers. You don’t need to read all of them, but if you could read mine at least that would be fantastic. However there are some fabulous and very interesting papers which are worthy of a read too!
To show that you’ve read mine, can you please leave a comment underneath my paper? It will show my lecturers that I’ve fulfilled my end of the bargain! lol
My paper can be found here and the link to the conference site is here.
Happy reading…and remember, please leave a comment under my paper…and any other papers which get you thinking!
Thanks kindly,
Michelle Jenkins

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