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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

$120 Food Challenge : Week 4

Well I did better than last week, but still can't manage to get my food bill down to $120 per week. Hubby won a small meat tray at the pub during the week so that was a bonus. Where we had planned to have 2 vegetarian meals, we were able to have meat instead.

Before shopping
As usual I did a stock take and decided I needed 4 pork steaks, one whole chicken and 500g beef for a curry. Each week I am buying larger sizes of products so they last longer and the larger size is often, actually always, cheaper than the smaller size. So here's hoping the larger sizes don't spoil!

As per my cousin's advice I bought bulk ham from the meat section rather than slices from the deli. I didn't quite buy the same as she buys, but below is a photo of it in the cryo pack. Last week I paid about $16.00 per kilo for triple smoked sliced ham. Well this week I paid around the same, but I'm hoping it will last longer than the usual 5 days for sliced ham. See the photos below. It needs to be kept wrapped in paper towel, and in a freezer bag in the fridge. It's important to change the paper towel every other day. I bought 12 bread rolls for $5.00.

The meat
I bought pork from Woolies because it was on special. I paid $7.60 for 4 heart smart pork steaks. At the butcher I bought chuck steak for $8.99 per kilo and he diced it for me. I'm starting to like the butcher XD Then at Aldi I bought a whole chicken for $6.37.

What I learned this week

  • Let hubby go to the pub to win more meat
  • Always check the butcher BEFORE going into Woolies
  • Even if it costs more - buy the larger size.

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